A Fighting Game Community Night For All

EDIT: Due to multiple reasons realtion to IRC tax codes and simply our own vision for TNEA, Thursday Night Throwdown is no longer a TNEA event. We continue to support and promote it, because that’s what TNEA exists for, but the event itself is operated by our friends at EverydayEsports.net.

Tennessee Esports Alliance was created with the goal of creating events where gamers of all levels of skill and interest could come together and enjoy playing games together.

Our weekly fighting game tournament known as “Thursday Night Throwdown” is one these events. We are reimagining this event with the goal of making it more appealing to all fighting game players while delivering even more value.

The original Friday Night Fights banner.

The original Friday Night Fights banner.

The story of Tennessee Esports Alliance’s Fighting Game Community Night started in June 2018 at the beloved virtual reality and gaming venue, Platforms (R.I.P.). At its inception the event bore the name “Friday Night Fights”. Due to scheduling and conflicts the event was soon moved to Thursday’s and its name changed to the one it bears today “Thursday Night Throwdown”.

The event soon caught on with Dragon Ball FighterZ players in Nashville. To this day DBFZ continues to draw the largest crowd and we are glad to offer a tournament every week.

What’s changing?

More options for games to play.

Our top priority is to increase the number of games that are available for guests to play. We are continuously expanding our number of systems and games (that’s what the $5 door fee goes towards). We will consistently have setups for a few games available for play. Each week we will communicate which games we are featuring and attempt to add new games or feature special games for people to try out. Keep an eye on our weekly Twitter and Facebook posts for more details.

Keep in mind that this is a bring your own controller event (BYOC) so if you plan to play, please do bring a controller to use! From time to time there may be some extra controllers available for use, but there is no guarantee of availability.

Finally, any individual who brings a setup (game + console/pc + monitor) will not need to pay the door fee.

No pressure gaming.


We want to welcome all gamers from skilled tournament players, new players learning a game and gamers just wanting to have fun! While we will always offer a tournament for any game if we have 4 or more players who wish to participate, it will never be required.

Tournament Guarantees

In addition to running a tournament for any game with 4 or more players, we will ensure that any game with a tournament WILL get some stream time and be broadcast on our Twitch channel. How much time will depend on how many players are in a tournament and on the wishes of the players.

We will also offer opportunities to commentate on matches, on stream to attendees. If we have more commentators than we can accommodate we will give slots on a first come first served basis, and eventually open up signups ahead of time if necessary.

Our standard cost to enter a tournament will remain $5.00. Every single dollar collected for tournament entry will be given back to the players based on finishing as follows:

We want to welcome all gamers from skilled tournament players to button mashing scrubs like myself! While we will always offer a tournament for any game if we have 4 or more players who wish to participate, it will never be required.

4-6 Players:
1st: 70%
2nd: 30%

7-19 Players:
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
20+ Players:
1st: 45%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%
5th: 5% | 5%

More value (free food & drink)

Gamer Fuel

Gamer Fuel

It’s not a small thing to pay $5.00 to play some video games after getting in a car and driving across town. We want to make sure this event is worth your while. Our partnership with the Nashville Technology Council helps by giving access to our great venue but we wanted to do more. We have sought out sponsors for these events that will allow us to provide free food and drinks for all attendees. Who our sponsors are will vary from week to week, but you can count on a never ending supply of Red Bull to fuel your gaming!

You will also be able to contribute to the prize pools (for free) by entering a code on our Matcherino page each week! The codes vary each week, so be watching our social media channels!

Contact and more info

If you are interested in sponsoring the Fighting Game Community night email: sponsor@tnesports.org
General info email: info@tnesports.org
Connect with us by joining us in Discord or following on Twitter and Facebook.

Jared Miller