Get Involved


Our goal is to provide support to all our members no matter how large or small.

Several different kinds of members are welcome as members. From individuals to large enterprises, so long as your goals fall within our mission, you are welcome as a member. No organization is to large or too small to join TNEA. 

Who Can Join? 



We help corporations that wish to integrate esports programs into their products, discover new revenue and engage with a young, motivated audience.

Educational Institutions

Esports is a powerful tool in schools and universities across the country. We seek to assist educational institutions in Tennessee develop successful esports programs and recruit the next generation of competitive superstars.


No matter your experience, ambitions or goals, if you are an individual with a passion for esports you will be at home in TNEA. All individuals are welcome to join and benefit from our member network.

External Advisors

Any organization or individual whether in Tennessee or elsewhere who is willing to give some of their energy and time to facilitating the success of TNEA member projects is a welcome partner.